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Formed in 2009, the Suffolk Regiment LHS is a unit concentrating on the role of a British Infantry Battalion in the period leading up to and just after D Day, Operation Overlord 1944. We have also recently added early war to our repertoire, portraying the First Battalion in the 1939-1940 Campaign in France and Belgium. 

Our aim is to accurately re-create the life of a British Line Infantry Regiment, becoming one of the premier units of our type within the United Kingdom. We do this via a mixture of living history,  where we demand high standards, constantly striving to make our experience as 'realistic' as practical. We also attempt to educate the wider public, providing static displays in dug in positions or tented encampments, providing talks, arena shows and battle re-enactments all over the UK and in Europe. There is also a strong social aspect, with allies and enemies alike gathering around fires or in beer tents in the evening to spend time with their like-minded colleagues.


Prospective members should be aware that this is a fun hobby, with events largely occurring April - September each year, although we all appreciate that real life, unfortunately, sometimes gets in the way.  It can be a demanding hobby, requiring an average level of physical fitness but the camaraderie enjoyed around a fire or over a pint in your nearest pub (as well as the unique insight provided by a hobby like living history) more than makes up for it.  If you are interested, please contact us via our details and we will then invite you along for a probationary period to see how you get on.



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