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About our women's section

During the war women of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (A.T.S.) fulfilled roles wherever they could to support their male counterparts, and our women’s section does exactly that for the men in the Suffolk Regiment LHS. Where the 40th Platoon would have been working in and around Gibraltar Barracks, our ATS Section mans the camp and looks after the men, equipment, and vehicles. During the 1940s, women in the A.T.S. covered a large variety of roles and jobs, but they would never pull the trigger. This also applies to our group; the girls act as armourers, drivers, cooks, and many more - but you will not find us on the battlefield.


Depending on the event, group, and needs, our women provide fully functioning displays to show how it would have been during the war, completed with stories, information, and photos/relics about the brave women who were there during the wartime years.

Besides portraying the 40th (Suffolk) Platoon A.T.S., our members have a keen interest in other services such as (but not limited to): The Women's Land Army, the Women's Royal Naval Service (W.R.N.S.), and Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (Q.A.I.M.N.S.).

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