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Wireless Set No.38


The Wireless Set No.38 (WS38) was developed in 1942 for short range infantry communication. An infantry platoon would be equipped with one of these radios, usually carried by the platoon runner/batman with another held by Company HQ. These sets would be 'on net' together, allowing the Company's platoons to communicate quickly and efficienty without the need to send runners across hostile ground. Coy HQ would also be equipped with the larger and more powerful No. 18 set.

In the photograph above you have the set itself and 2 satchels. In one of those satchels were carried the batteries and junction box, the latter connecting the various microphones, batteries, wireless set and headphones together. In the other satchel was carried 2 headphones, throat mic and hand mic. Example of the throat mic, hand mic and headphones can be seen above. The long case carries the 3 part F section (12 foot when assembled) antenna with the more flexible whip antenna seen in the set itself.

Frequency Range: 7.2-9.4MHz

RF Output 0.2W

Range: <1 mile with the long antenna

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