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To explain the makeup of an Infantry Battalion, here we will provide a breakdown of the structure including the textbook numbers involved. In reality, the numbers were rarely achieved but these figures are the official strengths that units should have achieved. These numbers are based on the 1943 Organisation that lasted until the War ended.

In the British Army, Infantry Regiments do not fight, the Regiment itself being an administrative entity. (Note: This applies only to the Infantry, with Cavalry and Artillery Regiments using different rules). Instead, the Battalions of that Regiment do the fighting, with usually multiple Battalions existing simultaneously, particularly in wartime. Below this, the Battalion has Companies, with the rifle companies being the main combat arm of the Battalion. 

Click on the 'Rifle Platoon' link to see the makeup of an Infantry Platoon.

Below are the Battalions of the Suffolk Regiment that existed in the Second World War

1/Suffolk - Regular Infantry Battalion

2/Suffolk - Regular Infantry Battalion

4/Suffolk - Territorial Army

5/Suffolk - Territorial Army

7/Suffolk - Territorial Army (Later 142nd Royal Armoured Corps)

8/Suffolk - Training Battalion

31/Suffolk - Administrative Duties

70/Suffolk - Young Soldiers Battalion


Additionally, 11 Home Guard Battalions were raised that wore the Suffolk Regiment cap badge. 

The Battalion

36 Officers

809 Other ranks

Battalion Headquarters

5 Officers

45 Other Ranks

Headquarters Company

4 Officers

91 Other Ranks

Signals Platoon

1 Officer

35 Other Ranks

Administrative Platoon

2 Officers

51 Other Ranks

4 x Rifle Companies

5 Officers

122 Other Ranks

Company HQ:

2 Officers

14 Other Ranks

Support Company

7 Officers

185 Other Ranks

Company HQ:

1 Officer

8 Other Ranks

3 x Rifle Platoons

1 Officer

35 Other Ranks

Mortar Platoon

1 Officer

42 Other Ranks

Carrier Platoon

1 Officer

42 Other Ranks

Platoon HQ:

2 Officers

1 Universal Carrier

Motorcycle Orderly

2 Trucks

Pioneer Platoon

1 Officer

21 Other Ranks

Anti-Tank Platoon

2 Officers

53 Other Ranks

3 x Rifle Sections

10 Other Ranks

6 x Anti-Tank Detachments

2 Officers

53 Other Ranks

1 6-Pounder AT Gun

2 Loyd Carriers

4 x Carrier Section

3 Universal Carriers

4 Other Ranks

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