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As well as the front line infantry Brigades and their Battalions, Infantry Divisions combined a number of supporting elements with these to provide organic support for those troops. These elements included the less glamorous rolls of logistics in the form of R.A.S.C, Military Police, R.E.M.E as well as combat arms such as Artillery, Reconnaissance, Engineers, etc. Below is an illustration of which units belonged to 3 Div in 1944.

Divisional Artillery

7th Field Regiment RA

33rd Field Regiment RA

76th Field Regiment RA

20th Anti-Tank Regiment RA

Divisional Engineers

15th Field Park Company RE

17th Field Company RE

246th Field Company RE

253rd Field Company RE

92nd (Loyals) Light AA Btry 318

Divisional R.E.M.E

8th Infantry Brigade Workshop

9th Infantry Brigade Workshop

185th Infantry Brigade Workshop

Divisional Machine Gun Battalion

Divisional Reconaissance

Divisional Signals

2/Middlesex Regiment

3rd Reconnaissance Regiment, Reconnaissance Corps

3rd Division Signals Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals

Postal Unit

Military Police

Royal Army Medical Corps

Postal Unit (Royal Engineers)

33 Field Security Section

8th Field Ambulance

9th Field Ambulance

223rd Field Ambulance

10th Field Dressing Station

11th Field Dressing Station

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